On 30 August 2018, the Ministry of Interior reported the rejection of 30,911 migrants by France to Italy in 2017; of which 10,407 were in possession of a valid residence permit in Italy (AGI, Italian Journalist Agency). French refusals have increased dramatically since border controls were introduced in November 2015. In 2017, according to the French newspaper Le Monde, 44,433 foreigners (including 13,500 children) were prevented from entering the French territory in the department of the Alps Maritime, located on the border of Ventimiglia, a marked increase compared to 1,193 refusals in 2015.

Over time, several violations of the rules on refusals have been detected at the border by activists and associations of lawyers, Italian and French alike. Firstly, they contend the violation of EU anti-discrimination directive, since the controls carried out at the border – particularly on trains and buses arriving in France from Ventimiglia – are based on the racial profiling of those arrested and identified.